"CABN’s ethos focuses on the intersection of intelligent building design, fabrication, and assembly with a novel application of technology. They’re reimagining the housing market for sustainable and attainable homes for individuals and communities. And the attainability piece is more than just for show; Wyatt is putting the buyer’s money where his mouth is. He refers to the solar panels, energy recovery ventilators, and heat pumps they use in their builds as the “Lamborghinis” of tech. So how do you make that affordable for your average customer?

"The secret comes down to the approach of standardization in building practices. All of the pieces for the homes are built in a climate-controlled factory, eliminating delays from weather events. They also source as many local materials as possible, cutting down on shipping costs and environmental impact. They even have a non-profit dedicated to providing these high-end technologies to remote, low-income, and Indigenous communities at a lower cost."

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