CABN is net-zero housing for everyone to live anywhere, live sustainably, and live connected.


CABN is a green technology company advancing an innovative manufacturing process for net-zero, cost-efficient, component modular housing. Using our innovative prefabricated component construction strategy, combined with energy-modelled design and renewable technology, CABN has created a new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer.

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Delivering Better Housing

Jackson Wyatt, CABN founder and CEO, shares our approach, technology, and what it means for the future of housing on the Weather Network's Building Better show.

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A new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer. 

about Cabn


A new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer. 

about Cabn

CABN technical details

CABN marries best-in-class construction techniques with advancements in renewable energy and assembly to deliver net-zero, prefabricated homes. Paired with a patent-pending component-based construction strategy and energy-informed modelling to reduce costs, build times and energy consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

FSC-certified timber, non-invasive helical pile foundations, low-impact waste and water solutions, as well as maximized renewable energy systems support the larger CABN commitment to the environment.

Energy Informed Design

All buildings use net-zero design strategies to achieve lowest energy requirements to maintain 21-24°C, year-round. CABN’s computer modelling informs the design of windows, doors, shading, insulation and building positions to provide the most energy efficient configuration, reducing costs and energy consumption.

Integrated Renewable Energy Systems

Solar PV technology and battery storage systems are integrated with high performance mechanical, heating and cooling to ensure every model exceeds net-zero energy performance and can be off-grid capable.

Smart Home Monitoring Technology

Remote energy management systems and connectivity for remote working, rental management, safety and security. Plug load, water and waste monitoring systems for continued performance optimization.

housing is a human right


As a part of CABN’s commitment to accessible and affordable housing, we have founded the CABN Foundation, is a non-profit organization that partners with municipalities and developers to bring affordable, sustainable housing to remote, low-income, and Indigenous communities.

The Foundation works in partnership with municipalities to assess and address needs for housing communities, eliminating barriers to research and design. Recognizing that housing is a human right and a secure future is built upon equitable access to sustainable and affordable housing, the CABN Foundation drives research, development, partnership building, and co-creation models to bring housing technology to remote and low-income municipalities, and with permission, Indigenous communities.

Live Anywhere. Live Connected. Live Sustainably.