The price of homes in Canada has been rising rapidly for years; many Canadians are concerned about the housing market, and people are beginning to feel like home ownership will never be attainable. The low supply and high demand for homes across Canada have caused prices to skyrocket, and many people reportedly spend over 30% of their income on shelter, which is neither affordable housing nor attainable for the vast majority of Canadians.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy in a big city or a rural area, you deserve an affordable, suitable home that meets your needs while providing optimal living standards. The housing crisis requires a solution, and although there is no easy fix, we at CABN are doing our part to make housing affordable and attainable for all. We are producing an alternative housing solution to help combat the housing market crisis by creating well-built and sustainable modular homes.

Buying a home can be incredibly expensive; however, the price of a CABN may be equal to or less than a downpayment on a traditional home. You save money upfront when buying a CABN, and because our homes are net-zero capable, you will also save money on your monthly energy bills.

Our CABNs also meet or exceed many of the guidelines set by Ontario municipalities that support alternative dwellings, such as Additional Rental Units (ARUs), Tiny Homes, and Garden Suites. Ontario and the rest of Canada are eager for alternative ways to fix the current housing crisis. With tactics like adopting ARUs in municipalities, affordable rentals and ownership can be more attainable and supportive.

CABNs are a lower-cost, sustainable, intelligent, and well-built option that can help combat unaffordable housing in Canada and environmental issues. If you are interested in attaining an affordable and beautiful net-zero home, please reach out to us at CABN– we're looking forward to helping you find a way to home ownership.