cabn community

cabn community

Develop community with CABN

CABN’s design and technology align with government housing strategies, offering sustainable and efficient options at affordable prices. Larger communities of CABNs create a targeted approach to support the provision of affordable housing through rental markets. 

For affordable housing in municipalities, CABN communities can provide rental rates at or below market rates for individuals who require them. 

Moreover, CABN communities can help municipalities unlock key land opportunities, whether through rezoning or via additional residential unit (ARU) bylaw amendments. On and off-grid options support a variety of locations and applications for municipalities and housing partners.

CABN communities

Through housing creation, CABN can partner with a municipality, contributing to larger economic development goals such as job creation, tourism, and hospitality. Public-private partnerships open up targeted development opportunities in other housing settings, such as staff housing for manufacturing, healthcare, and research activities.