HUTT.105 + HUTT.155

The HUTT is CABN's smallest model with all the solar technology of the larger homes. With two size options, the HUTT is an extra space for your property, designed to be used as a backyard studio, office, fitness space– whatever you can dream up!  Read more about it here

CABN has two HUTT models:

    • HUTT.105 is 8'-10 5/16" X 11 11/16", with a height of 12'6".
    • HUTT.155 is 11'-5" X 13-5", with a height of 14'6".

The HUTT is purpose built and arrives assembled, typically without requiring a permit (but we always recommend checking in with your local jurisdiction!). It features:

  • An in-roof solar array, optimized for southern orientation
  • Battery storage
  • High performance windows
  • Sustainably grown timber construction

The HUTT is delivered in 12 months from order.

HUTT payment terms are as follows: 60% due upon ordering, with the remaining 40% due 7 days prior to delivery. The order fee will be deducted from your final HUTT payment. 

If you're interested in purchasing, contact the CABN team at