At CABN, we’re so excited to share that the HUTT is launching as a standalone product. Previously only available as an add-on to a larger CABN, we’ve made this accessory unit available for purchase– we heard feedback from our followers!

One of the most interesting things that we've heard from CABN-enthusiasts is the desire to experience a CABN build, despite not being ready to construct a whole new house. Think of the HUTT as a way to be a part of the CABN story– for a limited time, if you purchase a HUTT, we'll offer you a priority production slot when you're ready to buy your larger CABN.


The HUTT is a scaled-down version of the CABN solar technology, offering an accessory building for your backyard, cottage property, or laneway. Designed around two footprints, the HUTT measures in at either 100 square feet or 150 square feet. Depending on your jurisdiction, these sizes are within the maximum allowable structure size that does not need a permit– easy to implement for an instant art studio, home gym, or backyard office. 

CABN Interior - Home Office


The HUTT features many of the same characteristics of our larger models– sustainably grown timber construction, FSC-certified wood cladding, efficient windows and doors, as well as a complete roof-top solar array and battery system. The HUTT is designed to be a standalone unit, not requiring hookup to a secondary energy source when oriented to the south. The HUTT has interior outlets, allowing you to power a computer, lights, fan, or heater– whatever you’d like.

Shipped assembled, the HUTT can sit on a foundation of your choice, ready to go when delivered. The interior is a blank slate for your finishing selections, based on how you want to use the HUTT– we leave it unfinished and allow you to execute your final vision. 

Interior HUTT - Gym


Pricing varies on the size of HUTT you choose:

  • HUTT100 is 11'6"x 8'6", with a height of 12'6"
  • HUTT150 is 11'6"x13'0", with a height of 14'6"

At CABN, we understand that price transparency is important. For the HUTT, we’ve kept things simple and straightforward– your HUTT price is based on the size, delivery radius, and applicable taxes. Site preparations, such as a deck or pad to sit on, as well as any interior finishing, are up to you. While we have engineered the HUTT to fit as a “shed” or other accessory building without a permit, it is still up to the individual homeowner to independently verify their permitting requirements.

HUTT Cladding Options


As of today, you can order your HUTT for delivery in 12 months– as of July 2023, this means you'll have your HUTT by June 2024.

To place your order, select your HUTT size and finishing colours on the order page. You’ll be charged a non-refundable order fee, with pricing based on the size of unit. This order fee initiates your Selection and Shipping Assessment, wherein you’ll work with a CABN Project Manager to assess your site, quote delivery costs, and finalize your order. HUTT payment terms are as follows: 60% due upon ordering, with the remaining 40% due 7 days prior to delivery. The order fee will be deducted from your final HUTT payment.

If you’re interested in receiving your HUTT faster, you can opt for a “rush production” fee. Feel free to inquire about that with your CABN Project Manager after submitting your order fee.

Shipping is free for the first 500km from the CABN manufacturing facility in Brockville, Ontario. After that, there is an incremental fee based on every 2000km.