MOR.II - 1 Bedroom Unit

  • On-grid starts at: $249,000 CAD
  • Off-grid starts at: $279,000 CAD
  • Unit without solar is also available, on request

The MOR.II is a 540 square foot model and the smallest unit CABN offers. The MOR.II features one bed and one bath– the perfect answer for a laneway suite, bunkie at a cottage, or a forested retreat. A lower level living and kitchen space opens up, via soaring ceilings, to the lofted bedroom.

Bring the outside in through expansive glass doors that open up to the 300 square feet of deck. Inspired by the “desire to capture a fleeting experience,” MOR.II is a taste of a minimalist lifestyle amongst intentional design and intelligent technology.


CABNs are designed for quick component- based, non-invasive construction. Every CABN has the option for on-grid connection to municipal services, as well as off-grid functionality for total comfort in any environment. CABN offers site assessments to develop the best strategy for new owners based on land, regulations, and optimized performance.


Spread out over two floors, CABNs feature wood floors and partitions throughout, opening up to expansive decks, bringing the outside in. For comfort, CABNs utilize a radiant floor heating system. Smart home technology allows owners to monitor and maintain temperatures throughout the CABN. 

Mechanical systems are optimized for comfort and efficiency, integrating leading technology through heat pumps, heat recovery ventilators, linear diffusers, wall hydrant with vacuum breakers, and split duct systems. 

The solar-powered roof feeds the CABN battery bank, offering energy no matter where the home is located. CABN homes are designed around the sun and can use as little as 1/5 the energy* of traditional construction strategies. 

*Energy usage may vary based on location


CABNs are move-in ready 3-5 weeks after delivery. CABN marries best-in-class construction techniques with advancements in renewable energy and assembly to deliver net-zero, prefabricated homes. Paired with a patent-pending component-based construction strategy and energy informed modelling to reduce costs, build times and energy consumption.


Have questions about CABN? We'd love to hear from you– please reach out for more information.

stay connected even when off-grid.
experience the beauty of nature. 
minimize your impact.