Live Sustainably

Live Sustainably

sustainable by design

To support sustainable living, CABN applies net-zero design strategies that allow the buildings to maximize output while minimizing the impact on the natural environment. The application of Energy Informed Design (EID) maximizes energy efficiency and consumption. This ensures CABNs maintain a comfort zone of 21°C -24°C with minimal external energy requirements, like increased draws on HVAC. CABN has achieved progressive improvement in energy data technology. For example, the baseline Passive Haus building Design (6485kWh/year) vs. the resulting CABN EID buildings (2300kWh /year). 

Energy Informed design

→ Achieve your net-zero climate goals

→ Reduced carbon footprint, environmental impact

→ Less energy and other expenses – lower or zero debt

→ Less construction waste


CABN buildings are designed for optimal interior comfort through seasonal variation, maintaining ideal temperatures, humidity and air quality inside the house. Energy-informed modelling explores energy efficiency and consumption, taking into account all building design variables to produce structures that remain in the optimal comfort zone with little energy needed for excess supplemental heating and cooling systems:

minimizing impact

CABN is considered a Net-positive Energy Building when applying thermal bridge-free components, airtight construction, electric systems with heat exchange ventilation and on/site renewable energy generation within the building elements

Net-Zero Building Elements


Highly Insulated Triple Pan Window 0.8 U-value.


0.31 SHGC Low-E Windows.

Air Tightness

ACH 0.07 CFM/SF.

Heat Recovery

HRV 58%-efficiency-78% Tempers outside air with interior air to reduce
heating and cooling.

Domestic Hot Water

CABN heat pump with 3.0+ COP, uses less than 1/3 energy of a typical water heater.

Heating/Cooling System

Heat pump 1-ton system 3.0 COP.

Insulation and timber Cladding

The CLT Panels provide insolation properties that reinforce with crosslam timber panel, wood fibre
insulation, impregnated wood fibre insulation board and timber cladding.

Composite construction panels

Cross Laminated Timber Panels (CLT).


7-10 Kw Array.

Energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations around the world, allowing you to live anywhere sustainably and connected.