Live Nourished

Live Nourished

Biophilic benefits increase wellness, creativity, and productivity

The adaptability of CABN allows for development in remote and rural areas, maximizing the exposure to nature. The design-led cultivation of the biological connection between nature and humans is called biophilic design. Benefits of this strategy include increased wellness, heightened productivity, and improved creativity. CABN’s integration of biophilic design results in an environment that is comfortable, inviting, and integrated into the natural environment.


→ Biophilic wellness and conscious living.

→ Design, size and style an artistic home with quality sustainable materials.

→ Biophilic and wellness healthy kitchen design.

Informed Design (EID)

CABN Energy Informed Design (EID) creates a double interaction between the affiliation to nature and solving human problems. CABN's connection with the environment is evident from the abundance of natural light, natural materials, and indoor-outdoor connections. The physical manifestation of nature as well as nature is reflected from colours, objects, sequences and shapes are incorporated into the building.

Biophilic design has the benefits of increased wellness, productivity, and creativity.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia is the innate, biological connection humans share with nature. The founder of the concept of biophilia believed that contact with nature is a basic human need. Studies have shown that daylight regulates our mood, the speed of digestion, and the development of new cells. Just like a daily dose of healthy food and exercise is essential, a daily dose of nature is needed to help us feel our best.

Most of today’s homes lack biophilic design as a part of the architecture. Spaces that lack this design principle can feel bland, sterile, uninviting, or plain. We at CABN seek to design buildings that incorporate biophilia, feel comfortable, are inviting and integrated into their natural environment.

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