cabn Individual

cabn Individual

Welcome home to CABN

The CABN lifestyle is the perfect answer for individuals seeking a new way to live. Through the development and construction of energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations worldwide, CABN allows you to live anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a remote location to work from home, downsizing, retiring, or adding to your existing property, CABN is the answer. 

CABNs are an option as a primary residence while also functioning as a weekend cottage option. Some owners have added a CABN as a secondary building, creating a laneway suite, guest house, or studio space. Develop a family compound with multiple CABNs on a single property. Choose if your CABN is entirely off-grid or on, giving you freedom and flexibility no matter where you want to live.

an investment in your future

No matter how you call CABN home, it is an investment in your future. The sustainable components, efficient building envelope, and renewable energy systems create a home that performs for an estimated 85 years. Studies estimate that a household making the average annual income for the region can afford a CABN and have monthly payments no more than 30% of net income. With an anticipated energy savings of $62,500 over 25 years (as per Hydro One), CABN makes sense for both environmental and financial sense.