Live Connected

Live Connected

energy-efficient smart homes

Through advanced home energy management systems, CABN offers the ability to connect to nature while staying connected to work, despite being off-grid. CABN’s home energy management systems allow for performance monitoring to maximize energy efficiency. Intelligent systems within the CABN improve energy use, allowing residents to optimize energy consumption. Automatic thermostats, sharing, and dimmable lighting support thermal loads. CABN leverages the power of the Starlink internet satellite system, allowing residents to stay connected even when off-grid.

Energy Informed design

→ Smart home energy management system.

→ Stay connected for work.

→ Get connected to nature.

→ Connect with the energy of your home.

Home Energy Management

CABN's integrated home energy management system ensures energy efficiency and temperature comfort all year round. Our smart home technologies collect plug load and energy heating and cooling data throughout the year. Intelligent control systems along with app-enabled devices allow for improved energy efficiency.

Through Smart home technology systems, occupants can optimize their energy consumption throughout ownership.

Internet and Smart Home Technology

CABN's buildings leverage the latest in loT technology to allow for complete control of the building's electrical devices and view solar PV production. Change temperature from anywhere, view security systems remotely and control air quality.

Automatic shading devices and dimmable lighting control allow for the ability to have complete control of your environment. Depending on the climate, humidification can be added for increased comfort and health.

Live Connected through advanced home energy management systems.