cabn hospitality

cabn hospitality

Host a CABN experience

CABN models are available in hospitality configurations, creating eco-resort style cottages and remote destination opportunities tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. Whether a luxury resort or expedition excursion, CABN’s ease of transportation and assembly allows for simple shipping and straightforward construction in remote locations during shorter weather windows. 

For far-flung regions, CABN is a solution for incredible guest experiences as well as a solution for staff housing. Renewable energy, waste and water solutions, and efficient building structures allow for self-sufficient accommodations, increasing the reach of tourism and hospitality.

private and luxurious

To create a private and luxurious guest experience, modified CABN models accommodate additional amenity facilities, such as spas, fitness facilities, guest services, and food and beverage. Working with CABN on hospitality developments ensures a standard of accommodation across all hospitality properties, offering a new lifestyle investment opportunity for hospitality assets.