cabn Rental

cabn Rental

Create a sustainable CABN market

CABN represents a new era of rental accommodation. The solid construction and energy-efficient design allow for a long-lasting rental property. Minimal upkeep and reduced monthly costs make this an excellent income opportunity for either the short or long-term rental market. 

The size and assembly requirements for CABN allow for a rental suite on your current property as a designated Additional Residential Unit (ARU). At the same time, the off-grid capabilities support a destination rental for the Airbnb or VRBO market. Installing multiple CABNs on one site opens up even more significant occupancy opportunities.

CABN also offers a new perspective on rental accommodations for municipalities looking to increase housing stock rapidly. Quick deployment and non-invasive construction allow community housing providers to focus on creating homes for families in new and sustainable ways.


CABN has partnered with AirDNA, a short-term rental data analytics provider, to illustrate regional occupancy rates and income potential. Some CABN owners have used the tool, finding that a few rental nights a month significantly covers operating costs for the home.

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