CABN launches, bringing sustainable
net-zero homes to Canada

Social entrepreneur lends mind to housing crisis, bringing solution to communities


TORONTO, March 1, 2021 – In the midst of the Canadian housing crisis, a new Toronto company has the answer. CABN, a Canadian-based company, is designing net-zero sustainable homes powered by renewable solar roofs.

Led by social entrepreneur Jackson Wyatt, CABN aims to leverage design and efficiency through the production of its houses. After the eight-figure acquisition of Greenlid, the global sustainable products company previously featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, Wyatt dedicated himself to design and technology forward housing solutions, explaining,

“Housing is at a critical junction in Canada and across North America. Through the development of CABN, we’ve created a meaningful way to tackle the issue while offering families a path to homeownership.”

CABN has advanced an innovative manufacturing process for net-zero, cost-efficient, modular housing. Using a proprietary prefabricated component construction strategy, combined with energy-modelled design and renewable technology, CABN has created a new era in home design for the conscious and connected consumer. Wyatt adds,

“CABN’s application of energy-informed design optimizes each building structure. Our goal is to use housing to improve quality of life while lessening the impact on the environment. Patented technology means that we can invest research and design into elegant solutions that support a larger environmental initiative.”

CABN is launching with one- and two-bedroom designs that leverage demonstrated technology and leading-edge innovation to deliver homes to families at attainable price points, developing further models for release at a later date. Interested individuals, developers, and partners can visit for more information.

About CABN

CABN was founded on a belief that beauty and technology can coexist in innovative housing solutions. By developing and constructing energy-efficient smart homes for unique locations worldwide, CABN allows you to live anywhere– whether it’s an addition to your home in the city or a new home on a remote island.


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