Recently, the real estate market has become unaffordable for communities around Canada. Major residential areas like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal have a housing deficit. Individuals in rural and remote communities also have difficulty finding a suitable home, whether it is an affordable rental, or just a building that meets minimum living standards. 


At CABN, our goal is to help solve the housing crisis with intelligent, well-built, and sustainable solutions. Many municipalities have adopted guidelines to support alternative dwellings, many of which CABN meets or exceeds. 

Ontario municipalities have sought innovative tools to face the housing crisis, including the categorization of Additional Rental Units (ARUs), Tiny Homes, and Garden Suites.  

The province is interested in residential solutions that are relatively quick and easy to construct, supported by a more straightforward development application process. To ensure that communities have homes that are accessible to all, the province has made allocations for affordable rental and ownership models. 

CABN is a perfect solution to Ontario's housing crisis. As per the provincial guidelines, CABN units can be assembled at any lot area with the following specifications:

  1. If the main unit on the lot was built more than five years ago. 
  2. Within a low-density residential area
  3. Within a rural residential area 
  4. Within a mixed-use (commercial and residential) area

Unsure if your lot classification will support a CABN under new provincial regulation? Contact us to discuss your options!