At CABN, we know that moving from a traditional house to a net-zero home may sound intimidating, but the benefits of living net-zero may far outweigh those of a conventional house.

Not familiar with net-zero construction? It means that the building produces as much energy as is consumed. At CABN, we achieve this with a renewable energy system that features battery storage and optimized mechanical systems. In an off-grid scenario, CABN is entirely self-reliant, producing more energy than is required. Whether you're going on- or off-grid, CABN's net-zero technology is the best way forward!

The Cost of Home Ownership is Lower

A great benefit of living in a net-zero CABN is that the initial cost is less expensive than a traditional home– the price of a CABN may be equal to or less than the downpayment on a conventional house. The initial cost is more affordable, and the design of an off-grid, net-zero home means there may be no additional energy bills. Our homes rely on powerful solar panels and energy reserve batteries, allowing your CABN to make and store all the energy you need at no extra cost.

You Can Live Anywhere

CABNs are designed for any ecosystem. The off-grid capability allows you to live in some of the country's most remote places with all the comforts you'd expect of a traditional home.

CABN construction is easy to assemble, using non-invasive strategies like helical piles. The added benefit of helical piles? You can choose exactly where you want to live, as CABNS can be installed nearly anywhere, with reduced environmental impacts. No matter where you want to live and whether you want to be on-grid or off-grid, a CABN may be the perfect solution.

It's Better for the Environment

This benefit is a no-brainer because living in a net-zero home is better for the environment and helps combat climate change. Choosing a net-zero home is great because it supports sustainable living–  our CABNs are built with non-invasive architecture, designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize external energy requirements, have less construction waste, are made with environmentally friendly materials, and reduce your carbon footprint.

You Experience More Comfort

The energy-efficient design of a net-zero home can keep you more comfortable than if you were living in a traditional house. Net-zero homes are built to be relatively airtight with high insulation so that the fluctuations in air temperature are greatly minimized. We also design our homes according to regional placement, optimizing thermal comfort potential. An additional benefit is that airtight construction reduces drafts, dust, and noise pollution from outside the CABN.

Living Net-Zero Keeps You Healthier

You read that right; living in a net-zero home can keep you healthy! Our airtight design is paired with energy-efficient air systems, so the air you breathe at home will be free of pollutants and dust.

Furthermore, our CABNs are designed using biophilia principles, prioritizing the home's connection to nature. Not familiar with biophilic design? Studies have proven biophilic benefits, such as increased wellness and heightened productivity, while promoting increased exposure to elements such as daylight, which supports mood regulation and cellular development.

We've only scratched the surface- there are so many reasons to live in a net-zero home. If you need more information on why going net-zero is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us at CABN!