At CABN, we know that purchasing a home is a big decision with many variables– we don’t take that life changing process lightly. We want our clients to feel set up for success, as well as supported throughout the entire process, from design and technology to permitting and delivery. 

This is why we’ve introduced the CABN Site Assessment, a way to work with our team to decide if CABN makes sense for you and your property. We encourage everyone to invest in this process, as it gives a customized and detailed plan for CABN clients. The best part? Clients that move ahead to purchase have the price of the Site Assessment discounted from their CABN purchase. 
CABN Site Assessment


The Site Assessment consists of three parts, designed to review the possibilities for CABN: 

Phase One - Property Review

Clients provide information about their existing property location, orientation, and desires for CABN. This information is shared with our permitting and approval team, initiating research into the region and requirements for building.

Phase Two - Design and Technology Consult 

Clients meet with the senior CABN team to discuss the options for their dream CABN. We discuss model options, renewable energy potential, as well as interior and exterior design choices. Based on the information provided in phase one, we also discuss site prep factors, including waste and water strategies, solar orientation maximization, equipment provision, and more. 

Phase Three - Plan Development

The CABN team finalizes a site plan that takes into consideration all design and technology requests as well as jurisdiction permitting, conservation requirements, and other bylaws that may impact the delivery and assembly of the final CABN. Our goal is to provide clients with a clear plan to present to their local planning and permitting authorities, expediting the process as much as possible. Clients will also have a clear quote for their custom CABN at this stage. 

Next Steps

After each site assessment, clients are invited to enter into CABN’s production schedule. If they choose to do so, CABN will discount the price of the Site Assessment from the final CABN price. 

Interested in your own Site Assessment? Contact us for more details and to start the process!