CABN is a company specializing in rapid, prefabricated, sustainable housing. With housing that can be assembled in days and finished in weeks, CABNs use only 20% the energy of a traditional home. We’re already changing the housing industry and we’d be delighted to have you join us.

For a short period, CABN is accepting investment for a raise from limited partners. To participate, email

Current investment priorities include CABN's to scale to meet our existing demand through investments in advanced manufacturing technologies, while leveraging government programs and rebates that support expedited housing fabrication and construction.


Since May 2021, we’ve been working hard to define the CABN difference. A few reasons to invest:

  • CABNs are net-zero solar-powered Home Kits that can be constructed in days, finished in weeks, and use 20% of the energy of a traditional home, while rated for an 85+ year lifespan.

  • Founded in 2021, CABN has been primarily bootstrapped, engaging in R&D, brand development, construction, sales and partnerships.

  • CABN Homes uniquely offers a scalable network housing solution for developers and municipalities to address their housing and energy infrastructure goals.

  • This has resulted in a patent-pending net-zero technology, full-scale showhome, with procurement and renovation of a 90,000-square-foot facility.

  • CABN has closed over $10MM in contract sales, with impressive traction across high-level media outlets, such as Forbes, Fast Company, and Dwell.

  • CABN Home Kits offer a uniquely scalable network housing solution for developers and municipalities, allowing them to address their housing and energy infrastructure needs in a complete package – CABN Communities, launching with a 67-unit development plan in Eastern Ontario.

  • CABN is currently opening up a strategic raise to accelerate production capacity to meet demand.


Interested in investing in CABN? We'd love to share more - email to discuss opportunities with our team.