When we thought about staging the showhome, we knew the selections needed to embody our commitment to sustainability and design. Our partnership with Canadian company EQ3 achieved exactly that. ⁠

As the interior furniture partner for the CABN showhome,  EQ3's products bring a refined sense of beauty and elegance, while providing options for efficient living. ⁠

Comfortable and Functional Loft

In the sleeping area of the CABN, we've maximized the space with the Cello King Bed to really show how roomy the interior square footage of the CABN is. One of the biggest surprises is that the bed lifts, revealing massive amounts of storage underneath- perfect for your out of season things! ⁠

The bed is outfitted with natural textures in the organic cotton sheets and the Trax Duvet Cover; we've had more than one guest ask to take the sheets home! Complete with the Lake Hallway Runner in peach, the serene tones mimic the gorgeous landscape out the window. ⁠

Part of the beauty of CABN is the ability to shift the space based on what you need. In our showhome, we tell a story that sees a bedroom shifting into an office space, while also featuring a cozy retreat nook (with enough floor space to roll out a yoga mat if you like!).⁠

Having a home that can feel multipurpose allows for an expansion, without additional square footage. Our interior furniture partner,  EQ3 , suggested the Nixon Dining Chair to fit at our built in desk. We loved the idea, as the Nixon can easily be brought downstairs to accommodate extra guests in a comfortable seat. ⁠

Similarly, we added the Cello Swivel to create a dreamy spot to read by our massive picture window, curled up under the Herring Throw. The low slung profile of the chair keeps the space open, while the swivel allows for a comfortable angle, no matter what view you want to take in. ⁠

This seat is in the same line as the mainfloor living space, allowing us the option to move it downstairs for a new sofa configuration. Topped off with the round Solid Teak Stool, you've got options to place your coffee, have a footrest, or add even more seating.⁠

Living Space 

When it came to the design of the living area on the main floor, comfort was key. The CABN design features massive picture windows framing a wood stove. We wanted to maximize that view, allowing the outside in. ⁠

With interior furniture partner EQ3, we chose to carry the Cello line into the living room, opting for the Cello Narrow Loveseat and Cello Ottoman, both custom upholstered in the Maria Cream fabric, a high-performance environmentally sensitive fabric. A kinder alternative, this was also perfect for a high traffic area, as it is resistant to spills!⁠

We love Cello line, as we can configure the living space in a number of ways- the ottoman serves as both a coffee table and footrest, but can nestle in to feel like a chaise lounge. The Cello swivel can be brought down for the ultimate movie night with friends- especially on a cold winter night. Paired with the Arvid Floor Lamp and Teak Stool, this space feels both cozy and spacious at the same time.⁠

Knowing that the space was to work in a number of configurations, we loved the Reclaimed Teak Media Storage Unit- it fits in the space perfectly, housing our accessories while hiding the cords and remotes. The organic shapes of the Mirage Serving Bowl contrasts with the media unit, while visually balancing the Tab Table Lamp.


The flow of the home was important to both the design and functionality of the interior layout. At CABN, our interiors are much to the client's choice- you can opt for the cabinetry, appliances, and finishes you like. ⁠

Our kitchen uses an island to maximize the space, offering a food prep and dining space for CABN owners. We worked with interior furnishing partner, EQ3, to add the Dawn Counter Stool at the island, offering a minimal profile with maximum comfort. ⁠

The EQ3  sustainability extends into the kitchen, pairing well with our recycled countertops, FSC-certified cabinetry, and energy efficient appliances. ⁠

The accessories allow the CABN to feel like a home, adding beautiful pieces that double as art as well as functional serving dishes, such as the Mai Tea Set, Mirage Serving Bowls and Dew Stone Platters (in both large and small!). We tucked a Nomad Basket into the open shelving, offering a stunning way to contain smaller items out of sight. ⁠

The vision for CABN was true indoor-outdoor living, which means entertaining can flow out to the expansive deck. EQ3's Dover Planters, in two sizes, carry stylistic notes outside, pairing with all of our kitchen accessories in a subtle and elegant way. ⁠


People are always surprised how spacious the bath is at the showhome. Located on the main floor (some of our units feature baths on both the first and second floor), the showroom features a full size tub-shower combination. ⁠

While the space demands function over form, we were still keen to add some design touches to soften the space. Interior furnishing partner,  EQ3, had exactly that with their natural textile Nomad Basket, sitting atop the Trestle Stool. The lighter tones of the stool offered a contrast to other wood features throughout the CABN. ⁠

A focus on balancing function and form saw us using the Orb Wood Knobs for hanging towels, offering a low profile way to utilize the vertical space. ⁠

EQ3’s alignment with CABN as interior partner has been incredible, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our collective commitment to sustainability. Sponsoring the staging of the showhome allows us to showcase the potential for your own CABN. Love what you see? EQ3 is offering a discount from now until December 31, 2023– use CABN20 for 20% off at checkout!