Today is an exciting day at CABN– we’re officially opening our showhome to the public. Intended as a site for you to visit a CABN in real life, the showhome also is the CABN Research Lab, offering a real time look at the performance of the renewable energy, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and building design. Read our official press release here.  

The showhome is our SON.DER model, in the one-bedroom configuration. This 750 square foot home is the first CABN, one that tested and exceeded all of our expectations for assembly and design. 

Building the first CABN started with finding the right location. The site we have is in Eastern Ontario, a short drive from our manufacturing facility in Brockville, Ontario. The CABN sits up on a ridge, overlooking a historic saw mill pond. This connection to a wood mill struck a certain note with the CABN site team, as it links our forward-thinking construction with traditional timber practices. 

Once the site was procured, there was preparations to do– just like any CABN customer knows, we finalized the perfect orientation, tested for helical piles, and solved for waste and water solutions. Then it was time to build! 

 The CABN showhome materials were dropped off, and the building envelope construction started midday on a Tuesday. By the end of Thursday, the building envelope was complete, with windows in. From there, the focus was on finishing the showhome– electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring, paint. On the exterior, we extended the deck, used natural wood siding, and landscaped the space using as much local flora and fauna as possible. 

We couldn’t be happier with the result, and are looking forward to sharing it with you. At CABN, we are always so grateful for the team that makes things happen, and for the showhome, this included incredible trades and vendors.