CABN Site Assessment


The Site Assessment is designed to help clients turn a dream into a CABN reality. Our team of experts reviews your property and model selections, providing a site assessment that details planning, permitting, and site preparations. The site assessment consists of three phases: 
  • One - Property Review
  • Two - Design and Technology Consult 
  • Three - Plan Development

If you proceed with the purchase of a CABN following the Site Assessment, CABN will discount the Site Assessment price from the purchase price of the CABN, as well as prioritize the CABN in the production schedule.

For a more detailed overview of the Site Assessment process, please read our blog post here

Once you purchase the Site Assessment, the CABN team will reach out to initiate the digital consultation.
Your fully refundable reservation for a CABN will secure your place in line when deliveries begin.

Currently, CABN has two models available for pre-order:

The Mor.ii is a 540 sq.ft one-bedroom.

The Sonder is a 752 sq.ft two-bedroom unit.

Both models have one bathroom, as well as a high efficiency washer-dryer unit. CABNs are delivered with a full kitchen and complementary appliance package. Spread out over two floors, CABN features wood floors and partitions throughout, opening up to expansive decks, bringing the outside in.

For comfort, CABNs utilize a radiant floor heating system. Smart home technology allows owners to monitor and maintain temperatures throughout the CABN. The HVAC and mechanical systems are optimized for comfort and efficiency, integrating leading technology through heat pumps, heat recovery ventilators, linear diffusers, wall hydrant with vacuum breakers, and split duct systems. The solar-powered roof feeds the CABN battery bank, offering energy no matter where the home is located.


CABNs are designed for quick component construction, with options for on- or off-grid systems, offering both a sanctuary and a solution for nearly any type of environment. Currently available for pre-orders– contact CABN to join the waitlist today.


CABN uses an innovative manufacturing process to create net-zero, cost-efficient, component modular housing with a fully integrated heating, cooling and solar energy system. Built on a steel frame foundation, CABN features sustainable cladding options and R-40 insulation, finished with high-performance windows and doors. 

stay connected even when off-grid.
net-zero design
Intelligent systems improve energy use


CABNS are currently available for pre-orders. Use the form below to join the waitlist today.